18.00–19.15  Space Concert


Cobham Gaisler invites the Space Forum 2021 participants to a space concert with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

19.30  Welcome mingle

Welcome to a nice welcome mingle at the Imagine restaurant at Hotel Gothia Tower’s third tower.

Chalmers Conference

9.00–9.45  Welcome

Axel Josefson, Chairman, Gothenburg Municipal Board
Stefan Bengtsson, President, Chalmers University of Technology
Sandi Habinc, General Manager, Cobham Gaisler
Olle Norberg, Chairman, Space Forum Sweden

Josef Aschbacher, Director General European Space Agency


Matilda Ernkrans – The government’s space objectives
Minister of Higher Education and Research

Marie-Louise Hänel Sandström – Importance of space in society
Member of Parliament (m)

Axel Josefson – Role of space activities for Western Sweden
Chairman, Gothenburg Municipal Board

Matthias Petschke – EU Space objectives and program
Director Space EC DEFIS

Anna Rathsman – Role of Space in research policies and the ESA cooperation
Director General of the Swedish Space Agency

Susanne Aalto – The role of space for faculties, students and entrepreneurship
Member of Management Board, Professor Radioastronomy; Chalmers University of Technology


Mingle coffee in the exhibition


Discussion between politics, research, education and authorities about the benefits of space activities for society and citizens, e.g. sustainability, digitalization, inspiration for children and young people and a knowledge society. How this is to be realized, how we are to cooperate in Europe and how we get business policy effects are questions where we get to listen to the participants’ views.

12.30–13.30  Lunch

Mingle lunch in the exhibition

13.30–15.00  Services

Leif Haglund – The whole world in 3D from optical satellites
Managing Director Maxar Technologies AB

Deborah Lygonis – Capital and support for start-ups, the role of the incubator
Business coach, Innovatum Science Park

Gustav Wikström – The role of satellites in the communication network of the future
Research Manager

Mats Andersson – Satellite terminals from two Swedish start-ups
Chairman of Satcube & Forsway

Anne Lidgard – Space in the ecosystem
Director, Senior Adviser Vinnova

Tomas Jonsson – EU and the need for capital in the space sector
Team Leader CASSINI initiative, EC

15.00–16.00  EXHIBITOR SHOW

The exhibitors present their activities during coffee mingling.

16.00–17.30  TECHNOLOGY

Agnès Salvatori – Technologies for competitive space operations
Head of Prospective & Innovation for Observation & Sciences, Airbus Defense and Space

Pierre-Philippe Mathieu – The Rise of AI for Earth Observation
Head of the Φ-lab Explore Office, ESA

Ebba Josefson Lindqvist – AI Edge Lab launched in Gothenburg
Project manager, AI Sweden

David Moloney – Push-to-launch: Disrupting Earth Observation
Chief Scientist Ubotica Technologies

Vincenzo Palermo – Graphene materials for aerospace applications
Vice President Graphene Flagship, Chalmers

Jr-Tai Chen (Ted) – Unique GaN-on-SiC Semiconductors for High Power Amplifiers


During the evening we leave space and go far down into the depths of the oceans! In Universeum’s spectacular Aquarium Hall – in a unique environment among some of Europe’s largest aquariums – you are served a three-course dinner, drinks and entertainment.

Chalmers conference

8.30–9.45  New Space

Tony Azzarelli – Trends and conditions for the commercial New Space segment
Director and Founder Access Space Alliance

Jörn Spurmann – Market and conditions for private small launchers
CCO Rocket Factory Augsburg

Roger Walker – ESA’s Technology CubeSat Nano-satellites
Head of Cubesats systems unit ESA

Luc Piguet – Space debris, the road to sustainability beyond earth
CEO Clearspace

9.45–10.15  COFFEE

Mingle coffee in the exhibition


Josef S Koller – The Intersection of Space Security and Spaceflight Safety
Systems Director The Aerospace Corporation


Wolfgang Jung – Germany and Responsive Space
Head of Technology, DLR Responsive Space Cluster


Kristofer Hallgren – Space and Swedish Security Policy
Senior researcher, FOI

Mats Helgesson – Defense and Space – Our external environment
KKrVA and former Chief of the Air Force


Tobias Edman – Agenda 2030, the contributions from space operations
Head of Innovation and Public Benefit SNSA

Isabelle Duvaux-Bechon – Blue Worlds Task Force

Acting Head of the Foresight, Strategy and Coordination Department, ESA

Christophe Bonnal – Space Debris, challenges
Senior Expert, CNES

Golala Ruhani – Space for development
Policy specialist, SIDA

12.15–13.45  Lunch

Mingle lunch in the exhibition

Women’s lunch

Lunch with speeches for all female conference participants, female students, female decision-makers and leaders. The lunch is organized by Chalmers, which with GENIE has the world’s largest academic project in gender equality.


David Parker – Terrae Novae – Europe’s new era of space exploration
Director of Space Exploration, ESA

Carina Persson – Discoveries of new worlds with space missions
Associate professor, Chalmers

Gabriella Stenberg Wieser – Next stop, Venus
Senior researcher, IRF

Adam Dybbroe – Improved weather forecasting at high latitudes
Satellite Product manager SMHI

15.00–  Study visit

As part of the conference program, we arrange three interesting study visits for you as a participant to choose from.

Five Star Campus – FULLY BOOKED! 
Five Star Campus is a Chalmers test arena for the sustainable solutions of the future. You will see innovative test beds and projects in mobility and autonomous vehicles, harvesting and storage of solar energy, a modern power plant on campus, future housing with NASA technology, and much more.

Onsala Space Observatory – FULLY BOOKED! 
Onsala Space Observatory is Sweden’s national infrastructure for radio astronomy. The observatory provides access to equipment for scientists who study both the earth and the rest of the universe. At the observatory there are radio telescopes and other instruments for both astronomy and earth sciences. Onsala Space Observatory also builds instruments for, represents and supports Sweden’s involvement in many international astronomy projects.

Hasselblad and the Moon – FULLY BOOKED! 

Man’s first steps on the moon were immortalized with a Hasselblad camera and the images are among the most iconic in the history of photography. This exhibition highlights the development of the camera, the crucial collaboration with NASA and the people behind both the camera company and the Hasselblad Foundation: Erna and Victor Hasselblad.

Arranged in collaboration with

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The purpose of the organization Space Forum Sweden is, together with its members, to clarify the benefits of space activities for Sweden in order to increase the quality of life, create more efficient societal functions and increase growth.