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Welcome to
Space Forum 2021 in Gothenburg


During Space Forum 2021, trends and news within space activities are discussed.


The conference places space activities in a larger context, including sustainability, and broadens the circle of organizations and people who are involved in the field.


During the autumn and in parallel with the conference, several space-themed events are taking place in Gothenburg.


Welcome to Gothenburg 10 – 12 October 2021

During Space Forum 2021, a large number of interesting speakers will share their thoughts on various aspects of space.

Anna Rathsman

Director General, Swedish National Space Agency

David Parker

Director of Space Exploration, European Space Agency

Matilda Ernkrans

Minister of Higher Education and Research

Our moderator: Erik Blix

Erik Blix is ​​a skilled moderator, debate leader and interviewer both in entertainment and in more serious contexts. Erik’s hallmark is to be able to listen to the participants, formulate himself in the moment, follow up with illustrative questions and then summarize the knowledge in an easy-to-understand way.

In the evening we take off from space and far down into the depths of the oceans! At Universeum, you are offered a three-course dinner, drinks and entertainment in a unique environment at some of Europe’s largest aquariums.

As part of the conference program, we arrange three interesting study visits for you as a participant to choose from.

Five Star Campus




Five Star Campus is a Chalmers test arena for the sustainable solutions of the future. You will see innovative test beds and projects in mobility and autonomous vehicles, harvesting and storage of solar energy, a modern power plant on campus, future housing with NASA technology, and much more.

Onsala Space Observatory




Onsala Space Observatory is Sweden’s national infrastructure for radio astronomy. The observatory provides access to equipment for scientists who study both the earth and the rest of the universe. At the observatory there are radio telescopes and other instruments for both astronomy and earth sciences. Onsala Space Observatory also builds instruments for, represents and supports Sweden’s involvement in many international astronomy projects.

Hasselblads and the Moon




Man’s first steps on the moon were immortalized with a Hasselblad camera and the images are among the most iconic in the history of photography. In this exclusive exhibition, Hasselblad Foundation shows some of the objects and photographs that are otherwise shown in the exhibition Hasselblad and the Moon and talks about the camera’s development, the crucial collaboration with NASA and the people behind both the camera company and the Hasselblad Foundation: Erna and Victor Hasselblad. The visit is combined with a visit to the Gothenburg Art Museum, which is located in the same building as the Hasselblad Center.

During the autumn and in parallel with the conference, a long series of space-themed events are taking place around Gothenburg.


Various activities to inspire children and young people to an increased interest in space technology and space activities.

For the public

Go to a space concert or learn more about space at astronomy day and night.

For business

Arrangements for startups, investors, AI technology etc.

Arranged in collaboration with

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The purpose of the organization Space Forum Sweden is, together with its members, to clarify the benefits of space activities for Sweden in order to increase the quality of life, create more efficient societal functions and increase growth.