During the autumn and in parallel with the conference, several events with interesting space themes take place in Gothenburg.

For children and young people


The Space Theme project at Lövgärdesskolan aims to inspire and spread knowledge about space, especially to middle school students. The project also wants to highlight, to both students and parents, that there are exciting educations and work within the space business in Gothenburg. The project is run jointly by Lövgärdesskolan, Skolan som arena, Cobham Gaisler, Chalmers University of Technology and the housing company Poseidon.


Sunday 10 October, 11: 00-15: 00 (preliminary)

In connection with Space Forum 2021, Astronomical Youth organizes a workshop for you who want to learn more about space technology and how you can use it in your high school work.


A space event aimed at invited high school students is organized by Cobham Gaisler on the afternoon of October 12 at Chalmers. With the help of lectures and film, the event wants to inspire increased interest in various activities within space.

For the public

Astronomy Day and Night

Astronomy Day and Night on September 25, make the fantastic things with astronomy and the universe available to everyone in all of Sweden! The theme for the festival 2021 is The step into space.

For business

AI Edge Lab

AI Sweden, the Swedish National Space Agency and the Space Data Lab will be inviting data scientists and space experts to collaborate on training AI models in space, the ultimate edge. We aim to generate PoC: s for space, utilizing the setting in Edge Lab to create a simulated setting as close to real space as possible. The event will contain inspirational speakers such as Christer Fuglesang, access to edge devices and space data in the Edge Lab for a selected number of attendees as well as result sharing from the PoC: s created over the three days in the lab. More information and links to the event will be shared shortly.
Presentations will be open to listen in to, while attending the collaboration part in the EdgeLab needs approval from an application.
More information and links to the event will be shared shortly via the link below.

Space Investment Day

16 november

Organized by Innovatum Science Park.

Afterwork Meet & Greet

October 12 from 16.00, in Gothenburg at or near Chalmers.

Innovatum Science Park hosts a networking event for entrepreneurs, startups, investors, staff and organizations in the region’s innovation activities.

Arranged in collaboration with

Rymdforum 2021 logotyp

The purpose of the organization Space Forum Sweden is, together with its members, to clarify the benefits of space activities for Sweden in order to increase the quality of life, create more efficient societal functions and increase growth.