Rymdforum 2021 logotyp

Welcome to Rymdforum 2021 in Gothenburg


The Rymdforum 2021 conference (the Swedish biennial space forum) will present news, explore trends, and open for dialogue and discussions related to space activities.


The conference will help Sweden to have a viable and growing space activity; to put space in a larger context including sustainability and security, to widen the circle of organizations and people involved in the space domain.


The Rymdforum 2021 conference, not least through joint arrangements in conjunction with the conference, will specifically address the need to attract children and young people to science and technology.


The purpose of the Rymdforum Sweden organization, together with its members, is to clarify and promote the benefits of space activities for increasing quality of life, creating efficient civic functions and increasing growth in Sweden.


Welcome to Gothenburg in October 10 – 12, 2021